Rudi Toot and Cathy Rae Days
Rudi and Cathy Rae are my repainted Riley dolls made originally by Kish & Co. Rudi is a former Little Red Cap who sometimes becomes a redhead. Cathy Rae is a former Contempo Riley. I redress and photograph them regularly, sometimes with new clothes.

Rudi Toot Photo Shoot - Augusto!
August 20, 2020
Hot and clear outside, so of course it was run and play time in the back yard and then a game of hopscotch on the sidewalk. Cathy Rae won for a change. Rudi is a really good jumper. Mr. Bear cheered them both on. They all came inside for a cool lemonade and another viewing of FROZEN. Everyone sang along and said all of Olaf's lines.

Rudi Toot Photo Shoot - Solstice Sunday
June 21, 2020
It is mild, breezy and sunny today, perfect romper & sunhat weather. The girls walked to the park and waved to all the neighbors as they passed. They brought a frisbee and had a great time running and chasing and catching. Mr. Bear stayed cool and comfortable under a tree. Walking back Rudi found a dime. Cathy Rae looked really hard all the way home, but she only found a very cool looking leaf. Rudi said she would share her dime with Cathy Rae when they could go to the penny candy store again. This lead to a long discussion of what candy they should get. Mr. Bear said Bit O Honey was the best.

Rudi Toot Photo Shoot - Little Walk
June 3, 2020
The girls have been very blue lately. They suggested everyone put on their favorite outfit and all go for a little walk. They smiled & waved at all the neighbors and all the dogs - even the ones that barked - as they passed the houses. Rudi pointed out all the blooming flowers - including dandelions. Cathy Rae spotted all the tiny critters like bunnies and chipmunks and little birds. Mr. Bear growled the whole way, but even he liked smelling the irises. Everyone felt a little bit better after.

Rudi Toot Photo Shoot - Out The Window!!!
April 23, 2020
The girls studied the stars at home school today and went for a walk in the warm sunshine. That night the girls wanted to see the stars they had studied in the night sky, so they opened the window and carefully leaned out. The stars were big and bright and very clear and they tried to remember some of the constellations. When they recognized The Big Dipper, which is also called The Great Bear, Rudi turned to help Mr. Bear to see better and somehow he fell right out the window!!! They girls raced down stairs to rescue him. When they found him he was not growling, he was actually chuckling. Rudi was very glad that he was alright.

Rudi Toot Photo Shoot - Home Church!!!
April 5, 2020
The girls said since we have Home School we needed to have Home Church. So, they got dressed up and gave Mr. Bear a blue ribbon that he insists is a bow tie. They sang hymns and paraded slowly around the yard. They waved to the neighbors. Then they blessed everyone they could see - including the squirrel, and the doves that were cooing nearby. They said thank you to God a few more times while jumping up and down. They decided to play hopscotch on the back patio. They each won a game and came inside for grape juice and cookies.

Rudi Toot Photo Shoot - Bunny Day!!!
March 26, 2020
Still no school, no playdates and no outings. Playing hide and go seek is not much fun in the back yard or in the house with only 2 players. Mr. Bear only wants to stay hidden, Dolly goes to sleep and the girls find each other way to quickly. Paper and crayons came out and everyone drew bunnies because it will be Bunny Day soon. Rudi made a big white bunny with blue eyes and a pink nose. She got done fast since she did not need to color the bunny's body on the white paper. Cathy Rae chose to make her bunny red; bright red with big black eyes. She said her bunny was the defender bunny and would kill any corona that came near! Mr. Bear was caught snoring. But everyone perked up to have cookies and watch Frozen & Frozen 2 a couple times. Of course they sang along. Mr. Bear even hit a few of the notes.

Rudi Toot Photo Shoot - Monday Cheer!!!
March 16, 2020
No school, no playdates and no outings. The girls, Auntie JJ and all the RH&K gang need cheering up as we all cope with staying at home. So, the girls decided a party was the best medicine. They put on skirts and ruffled socks and pretty hats and began with dancing. CELEBRATE by Kool & the Gang was the first song requested. It had to be played several times, of course. And then everyone did the stomp around with Peter Gabriel's BIG TIME song. Even Mr. Bear likes that one. A few games of Pick Up Sticks followed by a couple games of Tiddlywinks and one really seriously focused game of Jenga kept the girls busy & happy until lunch. Then everyone needed a nap.

Rudi Toot Photo Shoot - Dotty Play Day!!!
February 22, 2020
Jeans, sneaks and pretty hats were perfect outfits to go to the local Garden Show. The smell of the flowers and dirt was terrific, and tempted Rudi to play king of the jungle on the bags of compost. She was tempted down to pick bulbs and seeds for this year's flower & garden patch. Cathy Rae wanted lots and lots of zinnias. Rudi likes the gladiolas best. But they both liked the idea of more lilac bushes. Mr. Bear and Dolly simply could not care, but even they perked up when the brownies and milk were brought out.

Rudi Toot Photo Shoot - New Year Party!!!
January 5, 2020
The girls had adventures at a grown up party to welcome in the New Year. They chose their dresses carefully, combed their hair and danced together. Rudi liked the punch, Cathy Rae liked the lemon cookies and Cady Madison ate a few too many pieces of cheese. They danced some more and got bored with the grown up talk, so they sat on the floor and played with the new chess set. Rudi declared she won, but Cathy Rae said she had broken the rules. Cady Madison helped them make peace. They danced some more - especially loving the fast songs and then all three fell asleep on the couch - barely even noticing when the New Year rang in. Mr. Bear pouted in the corner all night long.