In their new homes....
If you have a wonderful photo of a repaint you have gotten from me, I would love to post your picture below!

**Arlene's Gallery of Ladies**
**Arlene's Gallery of Children**

Kinzey in her new home in her lovely new clothes.

Keyanna & Kaylah having fun at home!

Rayna, a commissioned repainted Keily doll at home in her new dress.

Lana at home in the garden in her new dress.

Pretty Molly in her new wig!

Here is Jace in her wonderful new outfit!

Dodie meets her brother!

A few lovely ladies in the garden

Commissioned Kendall all dressed up.

Alice in the garden at home.

Haddy looking as fresh as flowers!!

Sun looking marvelous!

Margot in blue!!

Gia gets a brand new hairstyle!

Song has a gorgeous new kimono now!!

Melania with her new body in her new home!!

Laurel is a model, working for her living and looking so cute!!

Little Ron and Ballon in their new home!!

Shye has a new daughter of her own, Willow!

Whitney has found her new family and both she and Esme look happy to me! Both are from my hands!

Hilton got a new body and new hair and she looks terrific!

Golden girl Aurelia Lucilla posing prettily!

A very lucky Tyler bride in her Red Silk Thread finery!!.

Carrington in her sunny new home.

Ali & Fawn in their ellenhats!

Some wonderful pictures from Carmen of her Kish Kids...

Brinkley looks like a maiden from a classic painting in these pictures...

Here are a few pictures from talented photographer Ana of her Kish Kids...

I was delighted that several of my dolls were featured in a gorgeous display at the Robert Tonner Convention 2009

Serenity at home.

Verushka with her family at home.

Seraphina relaxing at home.

Shaw in Blue at home.

Taya at home.

Crystabelle has found a job as a model with MTS Designs!! grin She looks terrific in the Ice Princess Brocade Vest!

Commissioned Daphne is a bride.

Ronan as an Ace.

Rico, a commissioned Matt, is way cool in leather.

Sabrina and Fianna in cool new clothes in their new home.

Marilyn Jayne looks like a princess in her pink gown.

Katia is a commissioned Sydney now in her new home.

Joanna, a commissioned Sydney has been given a cool new outfit and a newly rooted part in her home with Lyanne

A commissioned Gala has found the perfect name and home - Hope!

I would love to be dressed as beautifully as Lyanne dressed her Shimmer Sydney...

Chris's Jillianne looking beautiful in flowers...

Chris's Kalyani ready for Spring and gorgeous is purple!

Heiki's Portianna looking sassy in her short wig!

Jade with friends in her new home with Anneka.

Lynda's Lady in Red

A breathtaking photo of Lynda's glamorous Alex - this is enough to make me want to be a redhead.

Arleen's Ladies try out new looks!! ~ And here are some more recent glamour photos Arlene took... Arleen's gallery

A stunning group of Steve's Lovelies!!

In Cathryn's hands Koto Kitty looks divine!

Jim's Alex all ready for summer!.

And here are his ladies in Winter!

Here are a couple Alexes and a Gene from Jackie. Thanks so much.. they look great.

This collage is of Cathryn's Lauren... A kitty Collier repaint.


These are of Fire and Ice Gene dressed to the nines. Thanks very much, Melissa!

These two are of Hair to Remember Gene in her new home! What a lovely job David did with the scenes and costumes. I was thrilled to see these! I am just sorry it took me so long to post them!

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