A new baby doll made with Creative Paperclay - this will be updated until the doll is finished.
I do a sketch first and she will be about 8" long in total. The head is less than two inches in total. She has brown glass eyes. I began with a small armature for the head, wrapped in aluminum foil. A thin coating of paperclay was addd before the eyes were situated and focused... then the rest of the sculpture built upon that.



Okay, so it took me ten months from the first sculpting session, but here is an update on the baby... One leg and arm are almost finished, the face has been further refined and the other arm and leg are well worked out... just some fingers and toes and more refining before painting can begin.

The limbs were ruined by a leaky pipe... so, now years later (January 2010) I have decided to finish this little one... and will update from here. I did some refining of the face, jaw and back of the head.

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