How I make dolls

I am now working on a BJD doll to cast her in Flumo. The prototype/master sculpt from which I make the molds is being modeled in polymer. I have a blog with all the photos of Cady as she is being born as well as a little more sculpting that happened after the baby below on this page. I love hearing if these tutorials and photos help you and how your work is proceeding or if you have questions I might be able to help with....
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My blog - Making Art Dolls

Here are my tutorials about working with Creative Paperclay to make dolls. I have not finished the baby, and the larger doll's sculpting is featured on the blog linked above.

How I make dolls with Creative Paperclay

Making a New Original Doll with Creative Paperclay

Making a New Original Doll continued

If these tutorials are valuable or fun for you, your donation of any size will be most appreciated.