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3 Ways to Make Barbie Doll Clothes

Barbie garments can be costly, yet they are a need for any kid that cherishes their dolls. Barbie dolls give them a life experience like how to interact and play calmly. Girl children are very much fond of barbie dolls. Some girls carry their barbie dolls wherever they go. They can’t spend time leaving their doll aside. For parents of a girl child, it’s important to know other ways to make Barbie clothes. The small garments are effortlessly lost by kids and regularly should be replaced. To set aside a little cash and many short visits to the toy store. Here are a few simple DIY techniques to make your own Barbie dolls clothes!

1. To make a dress using an old Shirt Sleeves –

  • Find the old shirt sleeve – The old Shirt sleeve will be the fabric of the doll’s dress. Just need to cut both sleeves.
  • Make the dress form – The sleeves cut are in the diagonal form. Later, you need to turn the sleeve inside out. Then you need to fold it as such that there is one inch of overlap on one side. And also 2-3 inches of overlap on the other side as the cut is diagonal.
  • Elastic band at the top of the dress – Later place the elastic band about ½ inch from the top of the dress. Get it on the upper circumference of the dress. Then cut it about the circumference length and glue the ends of the dress with fabric glue. Set the extra remaining part by sewing at the top over the elastic band.
  • The finishing touches – The dress’s diagonal cut looks like a diagonal overlay and represents a hip maxi dress.

2. To make Clothes using an Old Sock – 

  • Making of Pants – Such pants are designed similarly for male and female Barbie Dolls. Take your old socks and cut off the foot part. Then turn the remaining part inside out. 
  • Making a shirt or dress – You can make a shirt or dress the actual method is the same. The only difference is the length of the socks. If you want a dress, then cut some inches above your feet. If you want a shirt, then cut the 2-3 inches from the top. Cut a small V shaped into the sock to make arm holes. 
  • Make a Shirt – Get a toddler’s sock, cut upto 2-3 inches. The sock’s elastic material will fit up your Barbie doll’s body.

3. To make a Skirt out of Fabric – 

  • Cut the fabric – The fabric’s measurement should be as per the skirt height and length. 
  • Sew the fabric – If you choose two pieces of fabric for the skirt then get it done with a sewing machine. Combine both the clothes.
  • Create Elastic Band – Place an elastic band over the fabric over ½ inch from the top of the skirt. Then fold the fabric in a way to hide the elastic and be able to sew that part. Extra fabric should be cut off.
  • Sew the skirt’s seam – Make the skirt placed neatly by folding it upside down. In a good way, all the sewing edges will be covered.

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