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5 Tips to Make your Doll House

You can design, create and make your own modern and fashionable doll house. It is a great way to spend quality time with your children. Also it can boost their own creative levels. It’s a great way to teach them the value of reuse. Making a doll house is frustrating when you don’t know how to and where to start.

Here are some 5 tips which should be considered for making your own dollhouse –

1. Plan your doll House –

You should have an idea of your final product. Here your final product is Doll house. The doll house should be attractive enough that all the kids will love to play with it. To achieve this you should have good planning. Also know how everything will fit together. You should know the cutting area and stitching area. Place the stitching mark accordingly.

Keep the detailed notes of the steps you took. So you can share it with others in their doll house making process.

2. Involve your children –

Unless the doll house is being made you can involve all kids in the process of making. Because the act of making something from scratch along with kids increases their fun activity. It makes them more encouraged and creative. Kids should get involved in each step of constructing a doll house. They understand the value of the final product. Their confidence increases. And also the ability to do it by yourself increases. Just make them aware about the stitching materials like knives and needles. Keep them safe from it. 

3. Make it durable – 

Durability of the doll house should be your first priorty. You can surely make it fancy as per your kids likes. But focus first on its durability. Kids will have a lot of fun if the doll house lasts long. You can use cardboard as it is a convenient and inexpensive building material. But to make it durable you can insert a wood edge to its corner area. The wood will hold up the cardboard and make it durable. 

4. Use what you have –

You can certainly buy the building material from a nearby store. But it’s good if you use the things or materials from your house itself. It will make your kid understand the value of things and how you can reuse them without wasting it.

5. Accept what comes –

If something won’t go according to the plan you should not be upset. Rather you should encourage your kid to try it once again. And should teach them how to accept the output even if you act according to the plan. It will be a life lesson to remember for them.

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