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Career Opportunity in Paintings

Painting is a good career if you are capable of doing hard work. As not all painters are successful like Leonardo da Vinci.  People who are committed to learning and have strong practical knowledge of trade can lead this field. If you set your goals high then anyone can make it as a good career for living. Most painters do their job outside of buildings, city infrastructure and any kind of new architectural development. 

As per the US painters salary survey, it stated that they made a median salary of $40280 in 2019. The best painter is paid 25 percent ie $53290 that year. But the lowest paid painter earned $33120 in the similar year. 

Painting making is one of the prestigious branches of visual arts. It has been noticed that the career as a painter is expected to grow 6%. Also it produces 22400 jobs opportunities across the U.S. Thus if you are planning or deciding a painter career then that is totally great. You can study more by exploring the process of painting from every angle. 

Opportunities –

There are many job opportunities in this field. So as a career point of view you will be financially strong. Also can help learners cater themselves and their families. Many colleges offer a variety of programs in painting. It offers short certificate programs to longer 2-year degree programs.

Also, some colleges have 4-year bachelor’s degree programs. For fine arts, there is a degree program along with the option for specialization in a visual art like painting. 

Students who secured degree or specialization course in painting gets the below listed profiles –

  • Commercial Artist
  • Muralist
  • Visiting Artist
  • Painting Engineer
  • Painter
  • Interior Designer
  • Comics artist
  • Teacher
  • Art Director
  • Graphic Designer
  • Art Restoration specialist
  • Arts Administrator

Students get hired by Art galleries, Museums, Colleges and Universities, and Corporates for making their art collection. They can also work independently as workshop organizers. Also like Pottery painting, glass and tattoo painting.  Nowadays computer training is also provided in training. So that their students can work as graphic designers. 

Other courses

Portrait Painting

A picture is a painting, photo, design, or other creative portrayal of an individual, in which the face and its demeanors are overwhelming. However in a full-length one the body will occupy more space. The expectation is to show the resemblance, character, and surprisingly the temperament of the individual. 

Another term for portrait painting is portraiture or sketch. There are two basic styles in portrait painting. It is Grand style and Prosaic style. In grand style the subject is depicted more idealised or larger than real form. And in Prosaic style the subject is represented in a more realistic manner.

Organic Painting

Organic paintings include Eco Friendly or natural paints. As they are non-harmful, and that implies they don’t contain similar synthetic compounds as those different paints. This implies that they are unadulterated and safe paints. These VOC synthetic substances are supposed “natural” or “organic” however they are everything and healthy too.

Still Life Painting

Still-life painting also known as portrayal of lifeless things for their characteristics of structure, shading, surface, and synthesis.

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