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How to Create a Fashionable Doll at your Home


Have you ever designed or created doll clothes for your children or grandchildren? Or Are you planning to make such cool doll dresses? Do you enjoy making tiny garments? If you have passion for learning and making tiny garments, you can follow the given requirements. Making tiny garments for dolls is not so hard. So don’t worry about how to start and where to get the materials for it. Whether it is your hobby, passion or fun you will surely make it possible. You can challenge your creativity and sewing skills. 

Required talent and skills

  • Basic sewing skills – You should know the basic sewing skills like choose your thread, thread a needle, use of a certain pattern, creativity.
  • Fabric Knowledge – You should know the types of fabric and which should use when.
  • Clothing Construction – You should know the stitching of garments. Also about the sewing techniques involved in the procedure.
  • Making or reading patterns – You should be able to read the sewing pattern. And to know how to arrange your pieces on your fabrics.
  • Crochet – You should know when to do crochet.
  • Knitting – Know the process of knitting, and types of knitting.
  • Embroidery – Types of embroidery, need of the embroidery.
  • Creativity – Focus on improving the creative part of the sewing process.
  • Imagination – Imagine a variety of design patterns.
  • Patience – Your patience level should be high and focused.

Design Patterns  

You can sew doll garments using a sewing machine, hand stitching or a combination of both.

There are numerous design patterns. It ranges from original designs to more complex designs and difficult one.

The easy design patterns are constructed with no sewing skills. Also it will require non-fraying stretch fabrics, cotton, and types of synthetic fabrics. Non-sewers like to use glue or bonding materials.

The difficult design patterns include historical, action figures, and apparel for collectible dolls. The authenticity of your doll’s clothing design depends on the historical fabrics knowledge you have. You can design your own style of fashionable garments. Free and paid design patterns are available online for makers. Choose such a niche which has availability of patterns.

Need of other accessories

You would need other accessories like scarves, belts, purses, bags, sandals, and jewelry. These are easily made with decorator trims, appliques, ribbons, button or fabric remnants.

Dolls for Children

Children like to play with a variety of dolls having different fashion styles. Fashionable dressings and good attire makes a girl child dress up like a doll. Children love to play with dolls. They like to dress up, undress and to put makeup on the doll’s face. Also like to wear her customised clothes. They act out stories about the doll and thus play with it.

Remember the required skills to make your sewing hobby a great experience. It’s always fun to teach sewing to your child too. So that they can learn how the amazing looking barbie dolls are made. 

You can outsource making the dolls. And can sell doll’s clothes to any non profit child organizations or even as a gift for others birthdays. Just remember to be creative in your design patterns while making fashionable and modern dresses. Once you start making great doll clothes then there is no boundary to sell it to national as well as International clients. 

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